The Gov Presents

BlackPenny & Friends


Saturday 12 January 2019 (opening 9:00 PM)

at The Gov - Front Bar ( venue info )
59 Port Road, Hindmarsh SA

18+ Event (Under 18 allowed with parents)

Awoken by the smell of the freshly discovered 'spirit of kindness' (allegedly unearthed during the Au Pair crisis) , BlackPenny have made a band decision to leave the freezer and anticipate being fully thawed in time for the post-Christmas sales. Band bespoke person, Newt Gerbil, was also overheard demanding that the band be positively limber in time for their upcoming evening show in the front bar of The Gov on Saturday 12 January 2019. Ever the bunch of aspirational nutters, the evenings bill is set to possibly include but is not limited to:

1 The CD launch for another band, Genghis Cardigan

2 Vegas, MCG or bust - a song suite re-re-imagining the lives of Deanos Martin and Jones.

3 The campaign launch for their drummers’ independent candidacy for the federal senate.

4 A short set of receptive music therapy especially created for the winner of the meat tray raffle from the previous evening

5 CD launch for another band, The Accountants for Christ

6 ‘Pin the Tail on the Kmart Shopping Mums &/or Dads’ (onstage filming of interpretive dance / music / gameshow pilot)*

7 & a bunch of covers that the band still havent agreed upon.

The eternally roadworked streets of Brompton are awash with rumours that BlackPenny's all Taurean power trio line up which dismantled the main stage & crowd member at Domestival earlier this year (see main picture) will be augmented by a leading horoscope denier during their upcoming tour. Gerbil when pressed, cowered in the corner but later drew an impressive photo-realistic sketch of a horribly deformed man wrestling a rabid bull. So be surprised, and kick up your heels to BlackPenny in the front bar at the Gov on Saturday 12 January 2019.

*proof of purchase and birth of child required

18+ Event (Under 18 allowed with parents)