Wild Oracle - See and Be Seen
Wild Oracle - See and Be Seen
Adelaide Fringe Festival presents

Wild Oracle - See and Be Seen

The Gov - Balcony/Gallery (Hindmarsh, SA)
Thursday, 7 March 2024 5:30 pm
11 days away
18+ (unless accompanied by Guardian)
Don’t look away. See and be seen.
'Wild Oracle' is a one-on-one immersive experience.

You are invited to sit and receive a blessing of light language, of song, of dance, of whatever comes. Allow yourself to be surprised, perhaps you'll hear English, perhaps you'll not, perhaps no words will be spoken at all. This offering is an invitation to feel and receive, to trust what transpires.

A little bit spiritual reading, a little bit entertainment.

Each session is 10 minutes. Please allow space for transition between people.
Participants will sit on the ground; please indicate if you require alternative seating when purchasing ticket.

'Wild Oracle' is for entertainment purposes only. Do not take any words spoken as fact; check in with yourself.
Seek professional medical advice for any medical needs.

Fringe Festival 2024
The Gov | Thursday March 07
Balcony | 530-7.30pm | $20 via Fringetix